Professional liability Insurance (E&O)

Regardless of what kind of business you own, customers can claim that something you did on their behalf was done incorrectly, and that this error cost them money or caused them harm in some way.

In the litigious world we live in today, many business owners protect themselves with “Errors and Omissions” insurance (E&O). This type of insurance may be appropriate for anyone who gives advice, makes educated recommendations, designs solutions or represents the needs of others, such as teachers, consultants, software developers, copywriters, Web page designers, placement services, telecommunication carriers or inspectors.

Some Program Highlights:

  • 1st and 3rd Party Coverage Available
  • Stand-alone Available
  • Defense Costs
  • Duty to Defend for Professional Liability
  • Separate Limits for Claims-Made Professional and Occurrence General Liability
  • Full Prior Acts Coverage Available

Although formalizing a contract with your clients can help limit your liability, the largest expense associated with an errors and omissions claim is the legal defense needed to prove liability or innocence. Errors & Omissions policies are designed to cover many of these defense costs and ultimately the final judgment if the business owner does not win the case.

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